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Free Post Lockdown Check


Grey banner with 6 illustrations of cars in blue and yellow. Text reads 'Free Post Lockdown Safety Check; after a year sat on the drive, make sure your car is safe and ready to get back on the road'.


Over the past year in a pandemic, our cars may have been a little neglected. Sitting on the drive, or side of the road, for long periods of time can lead to weathering and wear to important parts, such as brakes and suspensions, that are vital to our safety on the road. Even if you have been able to drive your car, the reduced mileage can also have an effect on the quality of these parts.

As we begin to ease out of lockdown, we are offering a FREE post lockdown vehicle safety check. Our qualified technicians will fully inspect your vehicle for anything that could impact your future journeys. Free safety checks are available at both our Bumpers Farm and MRG dealerships.


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The components and systems within the check will be rated either red, amber or green, highlighting any actions that may be required and importantly whether the repair is urgent (Red), imminent (Amber) or all is well (Green).

Item requires immediate attention. This can often be due to safety and/or legal implications. We will contact you and provide details of the repairs required together with a quote.

This is to advise of repairs that will be required in the near future, We will discuss this with you to agree a suitable follow up date to contact you and arrange for the repairs to be undertaken.

All is well, no action is required and your car is performing at its optimum level.

What's Included

The Post Lockdown Safety Check comprises of over 40 separate checks / inspections and covers items such as:

Under Car

Brake pads and discs condition and wear

Tyre condition and wear

Suspension and steering condition and wear

Exhaust system condition / leaks

Under Bonnet

All fluid levels - Engine, Power Steering, Brake and Coolant (including coolant strength)

Check for water and oil leaks


Front and Rear washers and wipers


Bodywork for damage


Seat Belts conditions and operations

Air conditioning performance.

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