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I couldn't pick up my new car before lockdown, will I have to pay more road tax for it? [COVID-19]

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It was previously announced that most cars registered after 1st April 2020 would have to pay a higher Vehicle Excise Duty. 

This rise was in line with inflation, and also because the new scheme will base CO2 emissions on the new WLTP fuel economy tests, which will likely show a poorer fuel economy and move most cars up at least one band.

Electric vehicles will continue to be exempt. 

If you have been waiting to collect your new car, you might be wondering what will happen, we've answered your questions below!

My new car had arrived at the dealership already

If you know your new car had already arrived at the dealership, the VED will depend on when the car was registered.

If your car was registered before April, you will be on the previous VED scheme. If you car was not registered before lockdown, it will be on the new car tax rates.

Our teams will be in touch with everyone who has had their car delivered, but not collected, so check with us if your vehicle was registered already.

I ordered a new car but it hadn't arrived yet

Unfortunately, cars registered after April will fall under the new VED rates, meaning you should expect to pay the relevant amount under the new rates.

You can take a look the the Government website to find out what your car tax will be.


17 May 2020

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