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SEAT Leon e-Hybrid Scoops Prize For Best Small Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle


The Driving Electric Awards have been around for a while now, and each year the results are eagerly awaited. Which car is going to scoop the top prize? Which is going to be the one that all others are modelled after for a while? Which car is it going to be?

For 2021, one of the top prizes went to the SEAT Leon e-Hybrid which won best small plug-in hybrid car. The winners are selected after doing well in 17 different categories, and the results are tallied by an expert panel of reviewers. This makes the choice a fair one, but it also means that it can be pretty accurately determined in advance, and when it came to the SEAT Leon e-Hybrid, that was certainly the case. After all, at its fair price point and with all the benefits that it can offer, as well as a raft of exciting features, there aren’t many other cars that can match up – at least for now.

The SEAT Leon e-Hybrid was launched in autumn 2020, and almost since the first, it has been a leader when it comes to the combination of driving appeal, cost, and practicality. In its class – small plug-in hybrid car – it certainly does rank well, and clearly, as the experts say, it’s the best.

The SEAT Leon e-Hybrid has a class-beating 40 mile EV range, and it has incredibly low emissions because of this (and other factors), coming in at 27g/km. Under the bonnet there is a 1.4 litre TSI petrol engine coupled with a 13.1kWh battery.

Plus the Leon e-Hybrid appeals to a wide range of people. Its size makes it practical in the city but also handy for a jaunt in the countryside. Its style is something no one is going to be ashamed to be seen climbing out of. And if you’re wondering whether it might work as a company car, the answer is yes; it’s rated with a six percent benefit in kind. What more could anyone ask for?

Although not the cheapest car on the market with a starting price of £30,970, it does hold its own in the EV pricing brackets, and because of the amount you get for your money, it might even be seen as a bit of a bargain. The FR trim coming as standard means that drivers will have a range of different modes and even sports suspension to pick from to make their drive just right, and you’ll even get heated door mirrors and wireless phone charging thrown in.

Interestingly, the SEAT Leon e-Hybrid was the very first vehicle to be fitted with the plug-in hybrid powertrain which is just one of the many reasons (some of which we’ve been through above) why it so clearly and easily comes out on top.

The Driving Electric Awards are something to be trusted; they take industry experts as well as unbiased reviews and, with a strict set of criteria, they will know what’s good, what’s great, and what to avoid, so if you’re looking for an EV, these awards are an excellent place to start.

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11 February 2021

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