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SEAT and CALM create video series ‘The Language of Listening’

In an effort to get men talking about their emotions, SEAT and CALM have teamed up to create ‘The Language of Listening’ mental health campaign.

Comprising a three-part video series, the campaign shows People Just Do Nothing star Hugo Chegwin imparting meaningful advice to two friends struggling to discuss how they feel.

The videos address the stigma surrounding men’s mental health through the use of light-hearted comedy, highlighting why it is so important to listen and talk to friends when they are struggling.

‘The Language of Listening’ is the latest collaboration between SEAT and CALM as the car brand and suicide prevention charity approach the three-year mark of their successful partnership

"It can be hard to know when someone you care about is finding things tough, and even harder to know what to say. But while we might feel uncomfortable when asking someone how they're really feeling, talking, and indeed listening really can help. By working with our long standing partners SEAT in developing these films, together we continue to challenge unhelpful male stereotypes, and help men and their mates have those tricky conversations"

Simon Gunning, CEO of CALM

‘The Language of Listening’ comes in response to a record number of calls and webchats to CALM’s helpline services throughout the pandemic. With many people more isolated than ever before and suffering in silence, there has never been a greater need to check in on those around you and see how they are.

Due to their intimate enclosed space and promoting less eye contact between passenger and driver, cars have been found to be one of the best places to have meaningful conversations which makes the latest SEAT Ateca the perfect backdrop to the collaborative videos.

The series follows two friends, one of whom is clearly struggling. After both men seemingly ignore the elephant in the car (room), Hugo Chegwin’s character steps in to prompt conversation between the two. Each video has its own subtly different message, best explained by the episode titles: ‘Listen Up’, ‘Just Ask’ and ‘No Distractions’.


"We have all struggled at some point, and needed a mate for support. We men seem to avoid talking about our emotions at all costs. It’s about time that changed, and ‘The Language of Listening’ is a great series to help with that. I’m always happy to support a worthy cause, even if that means I’m put in a grass skirt or my head is shoved in a glove box!"

Hugo Chegwin

‘The Language of Listening’ follows on from the 2019 collaborative ‘Grow a Pair’ campaign. To encourage men to listen to the people they care about most, SEAT and CALM erected a mural in central London with the slogan ‘Grow a Pair’ placed between two enormous ears. The eye-catching campaign received widespread coverage and was touted as a success, but also firmly established a platform from which SEAT and CALM could launch further initiatives.

The partnership came into its own when public demand for CALM’s support services increased dramatically in 2020 as the COVID-19 pandemic took hold. In response, SEAT listened to its own advice to grow a pair and subsequently provided additional funding to the charity’s frontline operation for six months to help its partner cater for the increase in demand.

‘The Language of Listening’ video series is the natural next step to promoting the ‘Grow a Pair’ message as SEAT and CALM continue their response to the effects of the pandemic.

"We are thrilled to be able to work with CALM and Hugo to create ‘The Language of Listening’, once again reiterating this all-important message."

Andy McGregor, Head of Marketing at SEAT

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16 September 2021

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