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Latest Peugeot Update and Future of the Brand

New Peugeot Logo Banner

We have become a custom to the norm of combustion-powered motor vehicles; well, according to some specialists, it’s all about to change. One of the leading vehicle manufacturers worldwide is slowly but surely moving into the modern era of transportation. The Peugeot company has already started with a re-brand to shift their sights to a slightly upper-class market. Peugeot’s history begins as far back as 1810; they were a steel foundry producing products like umbrella frames and coffee grinders. Peugeot unveiled their first vehicle carrying their logo in the year 1889, and from there on forward, they have become a household brand across the globe. Peugeot is known for being the world’s second-oldest vehicle manufacturer and the oldest continuous car brand.

Peugeot Rebrand

Some years have passed since the last brand revamp this motor giant has introduced. Peugeot has recently launched a new image overall. They have changed their logo using a more sophisticated and minimalistic approach. They have also introduced the same branding techniques for the Peugeot name by using a simple and elegant font. Peugeot has not yet released any new vehicles carrying their new branded facelift. It is expected that the first vehicle to carry the new Peugeot emblem will only be released in 2023, and it will be the new generation Peugeot 308. Peugeot’s re-branding comes after a long-awaited shift in the motor vehicle industry. Major manufacturers have all shown intent to start transforming their sales from combustion engine vehicles to electric-powered vehicles.

Target Market

As Peugeot has shown with their re-brand campaign, they’re drastically changing their target market to slightly more upmarket consumers. They have done a great job at re-branding their company and claim that all their dealerships will be renovated accordingly. Peugeot is a leader when it comes to the electrification of their automobiles. This re-branding of Peugeot is the eleventh re-brand in the company’s history. Peugeot’s brand is not the only aspect of the business that was renovated. Peugeot also changed Their online presence and sites entirely to embrace their new look. Their unique approach might help them get in touch with their new audience, and by doing this at the same time as starting production of their electric range, they might get the attention they need from their target market.

Peugeot has made remarkable progress from the start of their campaign. They have always been supported by individuals who want nothing else but Peugeot. These people indeed have a reason behind their loyalty and if you’re thinking of test driving a new or used Peugeot, visit Chippenham Motor Company for all your Peugeot needs.

Peugeot has stated that they aim to produce and sell only electric vehicles by 2025; this comes after the significant shift by most vehicle manufacturers. Peugeot’s new generation 308 has been spotted a few times doing road tests, but the logo was covered, and most of their plans remain unknown to the public. The human population’s demands lead to massive calls for these shifts within the motor vehicle industry to dramatically reduce our carbon footprint. Typical passenger vehicles make a substantial contribution to the population’s carbon dioxide emissions. One vehicle manufacturer might seem like a small step but well done to Peugeot for leading the race to electrifying their range of vehicles. Hopefully, all the other manufacturers follow in their footsteps.

16 March 2021

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