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Hybrid and Electric Engines: what is the difference?

With 4 new electrified engines now available, it may seem like a whole new world deciding which powertrain will be right for your new car. Let's take a look at what si available in more detail.

Once you've decided on your engine, you can take a look at our electric and hybrid vehicles to choose the best model for you!

Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicle

A Mild Hybrid vehicle has both a conventional engine and a battery driven electric motor. In a Mild Hybrid vehicle, the electric motor works with the conventional engine to assist it.

Hybrid Electric Vehicle

A hybrid vehicle has both a conventional engine and an electric motor. It seamlessly switches between the two, depending on speed, to provide a smart and economic drive.

Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle

The engines in a Plug-in hybrid work the same as a hybrid, but require charging through the mains. This helps the electric battery hold more power and travel longer distances. 

All-electric vehicle

All-electric vehicles have no conventional engine and have no requirement for petrol or diesel - they run purely on electricity. Just charge it up, and  go!

17 December 2020

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