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How do I renew my car tax if my MOT has expired? [COVID-19]

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The Government's extension of MOTs has now ended. You must now have a valid MOT to tax your vehicle. Book your MOT here.

At the beginning of lockdown, the DVLA announce a six-month extension for vehicles where the MOT certificate expired on or after 30th March 2020.

There was no extension granted to car tax, which means if you still want to drive your car, you will need to renew it when it expires. However, you usually need a valid MOT certificate to tax a vehicle. So what do you do if your MOT is expired?

The MOT of your vehicle will have been automatically extended, but you will still need to update the official records of the car in order to purchase your road tax. To do this, you just need to email, stating the date the MOT expires and the car registration number.

Your vehicle's official records will then be updates and you will be able to tax your car online.

It is worth noting that if your MOT expired prior to the 30th March 2020, then is is not valid for an extension. Therefore you will need to get an MOT certificate for your car before you can buy car tax.

If you're not sure whether this applies to you, you can check if your MOT has been extended on the Government website. 

17 May 2020

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