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Helpful hidden features in the Kia Sportage

Red Kia Sportage driiving outdoors
Side view of a red Kia Sportage parked outdoors
Interior view of a Kia Sportage black edition
A woman using the smart liftgate feature to open the boot while her hands are full

Hidden Kia Sportage Features You Won't Know

The Sportage is an excellent Kia family SUV any car enthusiast can enjoy because it comes with incredible features. These range from exceptional interior quality and sturdy body to extraordinary engines. The car’s design aims to offer users a fun driving and stylish user experience. With the fourth generation, the look is appealing and unique. But did you know Kia Sportage has some helpful hidden features? If you’re unaware, you may want to read this guide for insights. It explains everything about these features you need to know, including:

  • Smart liftgate feature
  • The Smart Cruise Control feature
  • The Forward Collision-avoidance Assists Pedestrian Warning system
  • Steering Wheel Tilting
  • Fold the mirrors while in the car
  • How to enable accessory mode and utilise electronics accessories of the vehicle without needing to start the engine
  • How to improve fuel efficiency with active ECO
  • How to utilise the trip computer
  • Parking and warning sensors
  • How to enable the Downhill Brake Control system
  • How to benefit from Hill Start Assist Control
  • How best to use the Wireless Smartphone Charging System
  • How are ten exterior lights designed to prevent condensation build-up?
  • Lane keeping assists
  • How best to use the Smart Cruise Control System

Smart Liftgate Feature

In the modern fast-paced environment, convenience driving is essential for every car owner. That’s why Kia’s latest Sportage models have the innovative liftgate feature. This means you won’t need to operate the liftgate manually when unloading or loading goods. Instead, it’s automatic, giving you the utmost convenience you may need, especially when travelling. Here are a few ways this feature can be helpful:

  • When driving along with a pet
  • If you have large cargo in the vehicle’s back
  • When holding items with your hands
A man using the Kia liftgate feature to open the boot of his car

The Smart Cruise Control Feature

Kia continues to enhance users’ safety for their vehicles by implementing top-notch technology. For example, the Kia Sportage boasts of the Smart Cruise Control feature, giving drivers peace of mind and enhancing their security.

The intelligent feature can sense when you’re too close to another vehicle and slow down the car automatically while maintaining a safe distance. With this feature, you won’t need to worry about hitting another vehicle rear while driving. This will not only help you concentrate on the road, but it also helps reduce many unintentional accidents.

Forward collision avoidance graphic

The Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist Pedestrian Warning System

This is one of Kia’s most advanced systems. It monitors the distance between the front car and you. If the distance is too short, the system alerts you to slow down and avoid a collision. If you don’t take action, the Autonomous Emergency Braking feature may apply breaks bringing the vehicle to a halt.

Sometimes you may apply breaks less enough to avert a collision. The feature can detect this and enhance the braking force automatically. This excellent Kia feature can help mitigate many accidents as it initiates brakes after sensing imminent danger.

Steering Wheel Tilting

With Kia’s Sportage Steering Wheel tilting feature, you can consider steering wheel adjustment before starting the vehicle. You can also adjust the steering wheel, giving you more room for your legs. This ensures entering and exiting the car is more comfortable.

Remember you need to position the steering wheel in a way that allows you to drive with comfort but enable you to view the instrument gauges and warning lights.  Note it’s not recommended to position the steering wheel’s height and angle when driving because you could likely lose control.

Fold the Mirrors While in the Car

Before you can start driving, ensure you position your vehicle’s mirror angles. These include right-hand and left-hand rear mirrors. You can set the mirrors either using a remote switch or control levers. This depends on the mirror control you use for your vehicle. When you think the mirrors are likely to get damaged, you can fold them back.

Mirrors are essential for your safety when driving, and you need to care for them. For example, if ice accumulates on the mirror's face, avoid scraping because this may cause damage to the glass surface. Also, if you notice the mirror movement is becoming difficult, do not use force because this can cause more damage.

How to Enable Accessory Mode and Utilise Electronics Accessories of the Vehicle without Needing to Start the Engine

What do you do if your car’s fob battery has issues? After using your Kia Sportage for the long term, you might experience a low-key fob battery. In such a situation, you can replace the battery or utilize the physical key. Here is how you can do it:

Starting the Car

If you discover your key fob battery has power issues, all you need to do is push your physical key to the remote button until the car starts.

Accessing the Mechanical Key

If your key doesn’t have power, you can use the key fob back button, allowing you to access the mechanical key.

How to Improve Fuel Efficiency with Active ECO

Every driver wants to maximize fuel economy, which comes with several benefits. For example, it can minimize your car’s wear and tear, minimize tailpipe emissions and save you money. Kia Sportage ensures you can achieve this through its Active ECO feature.

Kia’s Active ECO is an innovative system that you can activate to enhance your fuel economy. All you need to do for activation is pressing the vehicle’s Active ECO button, and you’re good to go. Remember, you may need to switch on this button when driving at a slower speed. Note that after activating the Active ECO, you may experience issues like:

  • Louder engine noise
  • Limited performance with the air conditioner
  • Slight acceleration reduction

How to Utilise the Trip Computer

This is a microcomputer that displays critical driving information. This may include fuel consumption, driving time, average speed, trip meter, and odometer. It also shows the ECOMINERTM if you switch on the Active ECO button.

The odometer shows the total drive distance of your vehicle. Understanding this is important, especially if you want to schedule maintenance. For example, you can rely on this information to know when you should perform maintenance.

The fuel gauge estimates the fuel tank level. As you drive, don’t wait for the fuel tank to go too low because this can pose a danger to the vehicle’s occupants. If you spot the warning light, don’t hesitate to get additional fuel for increased safety.

Interior view of a Kia Sportage

Parking and Warning Sensors

The Kia parking sensors warn you when parking your vehicle, allowing you to take the necessary care. The system detects other vehicles or objects within your car’s proximity. Understand that this system doesn’t eliminate the need to be careful when parking.

You should use it as supplemental only because sometimes their detection could be limited. For example, your car’s parking sensors may not recognize some objects, such as:

  • Smaller objects that could be undetectable
  • Sensor frequency absorbing objects such as snow, spongy material, and clothes
  • Slip or sharp objects including small poles, chains, and ropes

Ensure your vehicle’s sensors are functioning as they should. For example, if it gets stained with water, dirt, or snow, use a soft cloth to remove the stains because this could impact its functioning ability. Be careful not to strike or scratch the sensor to avoid possible damage.

How to Enable the Downhill Brake Control System

The Downhill Brake Control feature helps you to go down a rough ground without the need for inputs. It does this by holding the car at a particular speed. The component is critical for your safety. For example, you won’t need to operate the brake pedals or modulate the gas, meaning you can concentrate on the safest spots to drive. In addition, you won’t need to worry about hitting obstacles since the car won’t increase speed.  You want to use this feature when driving on a rough road or descending steep terrain.

How to Benefit from Hill-Start Assist Control

When driving up steep terrain, your vehicle can roll back, especially if you’re not an experienced driver. The good news is you can avoid this with a Kia Sportage by using the Hill-start Assist Control. The feature allows automatic braking after about every two seconds, ensuring your vehicle won’t rollback.

Cropped interior view showcasing the wireless charging feature in a Kia Sportage

How Best to Use the Wireless Smartphone Charging System

With a Kia Sportage, you won’t need to carry cords with you because of the vehicle’s wireless charging feature, which offers excellent convenience. If you want to use it, ensure you close the doors and switch on either IGN or ACC.

Be sure your phone is compatible with wireless charging and put the gadget on the charging pad’s center for the best results. You’ll need a smartphone with QI function compatibility to benefit from the wireless charging feature. If you’re unsure, check your gadget’s manual for more information.


How Are Ten Exterior Lights Designed to Prevent Condensation Build-up?

Your vehicle's headlamps may begin to cool when you park after a night's drive. This can cause moisture to pass through the vents, especially during humid weather. When this happens, condensation may occur, appearing like water droplets on the lens. However, it shouldn’t cause alarm because once you turn on the lights, evaporation will occur, eliminating the condensation.

Lane Keeping Assists

The Kia’s Lane Keeping Assist allows you to maintain your lane while driving. It monitors this by using a camera on the front window. The system alerts you with audio and visual cues. You can use the different settings to enhance your safety by receiving feedback from your vehicle’s Lane Keeping Assist. Whether it’s preventing lane drift or correcting steering, this feature has a lot to offer.

A Kia Sportage driving outdoors highlighting the Lane Keep Assist feature

How Best to Use the Smart Cruise Control System

You can program your car using the Smart Cruise Control System to ensure consistent speed without using the accelerator mode. Here is how you can do this:

  • Push the CRUISE button
  • Accelerate or decelerate your car to the speed of your choice
  • Activate Smart Cruise Control by pressing the SET button
  • Adjust speed by pressing the + or – button


Understanding all your vehicle features is essential for a remarkable driving experience. Some of them boost your safety when driving, and you don’t want to ignore them. The Kia Sportage comes with many excellent features, but you may never notice some of them unless you come across information like this one.

08 July 2021

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