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Ford Transit Custom Electric Will Launch in 2023

Ford Transit Custom parked and charging

Automobile giant Ford has announced it will include the next-generation Transit Custom with an all-electric power model during the new variant's arrival in 2023. The Ford Transit Custom model will come alongside the mild hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and traditional engine models.

Additionally, the new model will be developed in Turkey by Ford Otosan, just as with the current Transit Custom; however, it will be joined by the innovative Volkswagen T7 Transporter on the production line.

This development is one of the outcomes of a partnership between Ford and Volkswagen to pool assets in the commercial vehicle division. The VW Amarok and Ford Ranger pick-ups will be co-created elsewhere, after which the two organisations will present electric vans dependent on VW's MEB electric vehicle stage. This will begin in 2022 with the VW ID. Buzz.

The Ford Transit Custom EV launch

The Ford Transit Custom EV launch is essential to Ford's initiative towards offering a proficient commercial vehicle line with zero-emissions by 2024, consisting of a plug-in hybrid or an all-electric vehicle line. One of Ford’s main goals is to make almost 70% of its CVs sales either plug-in hybrid or completely electric by 2030.

According to Ford Europe’s President, Stuart Rowley, the next-generation Transit Custom line (including the all-electric models) will cement Ford's position as Europe's premier commercial vehicle brand. He describes the Transit Custom as pivotal in their quest to grow their vehicle business. Additionally, it’s the jewel in their commercial vehicle sector’s crown as they forge on to build a profitable, sustainable Ford business in Europe grounded in an electrified future.

In any case, Ford knows that a few clients will not have the option to move straight from combustion engines to electric, which is why the new Transit Custom will offer an assortment of drive alternatives. This implies that Ford’s diesel plant’s eventual fate in Dagenham, Essex, is at least secured in the midterm since transmission production will continue in Cologne before being dispatched to Turkey for the last assembly.

In addition to the Ford Transit Custom EV launch, the latest Transit Custom will include its most recent connectivity services created with support from its customers across Europe. The present Transit Custom features an accessible 3G network while sporting extra upgrades of the FordPass Pro and Fleet Management vehicle software expected to be launched together with the novel Ford model.

Last year, the American multinational automobile manufacturer maintained its place for the sixth consecutive year as the leading brand in commercial vehicle deals in Europe. The dominance continues in 2021, with Ford cementing its position as the top-rated retail vehicle seller on the continent.

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19 April 2021

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