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COVID-19 Information Hub

Welcome to our COVID-19 information hub, with all the latest news and information relevant to you and your car. From dealership specific information through to what will happen with your MOT during lockdown, take a look at our resources below.

If you have any questions that are not answered here, please feel free to email us at, where a member of our team will happily help.

Important announcement - face coverings required in dealerships

MOT extension scheme ending

Dealerships re-opening

Will I have to pay more VED if I couldn't pick my new car up before lockdown?

How do I renew my car tax if my MOT has expired?

I can't afford my monthly car payments

Kia extend warranty for vehicles during Coronavirus pandemic

Help! My car finance is ending during the Coronavirus lockdown

Will my warranty be invalid if I can't get my car serviced? [COVID-19]

When will my new car be delivered? [COVID-19]

How to stop your car battery going flat during COVID-19 lockdown

5 tips to protect your car during the Coronavirus lockdown

COVID-19 FAQs: Motability

MOTs extended by 6 months

Temporary dealership closure

18 May 2020

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