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Brexit: How will it affect your future car purchase?

Brexit: How will it affect your future car purchase?

If you are thinking about upgrading your car, now is the time to do it. Several manufacturers, including Ford, Peugeot and SEAT have already confirmed that their vehicle prices will increase significantly following a no deal Brexit. 

Customers have until 31st December 2020 to place their order to secure their new vehicle at it's current price.

If the UK leaves the EU without a trade agreement, in line with World Trade Organization rules, a 10% tariff will apply to finished cars imported from the EU. If the manufacturers decide to pass the tariff increase on to customers, this will see a minimum of a 6.3% increase on the price you pay for your new car. This could be a rise of £50* a month on average. For more expensive vehicles, this price hike could be even steeper.

*based on an average vehicle price rise of £1,800 on a 36 month finance agreement.

We are encouraging customers who are thinking of upgrading their vehicle to get in touch with us as soon as possible so we can secure you the pre-Brexit vehicle cost. Take a look at our new car selection and speak to a member of our team today.


14 December 2020

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