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A How-To Guide on Kia’s Bluetooth Features

An example of UVO being shown on a smartphone
UVO on a smartphone
Interior view of an infotainment system featuring Kia UVO
UVO Connect

How to Use KIA Bluetooth Features & Connect Your Phone to Your Kia

Kia is one of the world’s top auto manufacturers using innovative systems to ensure an exceptional driving experience for users. You’ll find many of these components over value for your money. One of Kia’s advanced features is Bluetooth technology that allows phone connectivity and other services. If you’re wondering how you can get the most out of this, you’ve come to the right place. This guide has everything you need to know, including:

  • How to set it up
  • How to maximise usage
  • Possible issues you can experience with Kia Bluetooth
  • What to do if it is not working
  • How to unpair
  • How to stream music via the Kia Bluetooth
  • What do all the symbols mean and indicate during the setup process?

How to Set It Up

Understanding how to get started with Kia Bluetooth is essential for executing everything you want with this remarkable technology. Here are crucial steps to get you started:

UVO eServices Activation in Your Car

Activating your UVO eServices will require simple steps, including:

  • On the steering wheel, check for the ‘Information’ or ‘Mode’ button and press
  • On the touchscreen, choose ‘Setup’
  • Go to ‘UVO eServices’
  • Choose ‘UVO eServices Activation’
  • Choose ‘Activate,’ and you’re done with the activation

Connecting Your Kia Car Bluetooth

If you’re a Kia vehicle user, you can take advantage of its Wireless Bluetooth Technology and enjoy the many services it offers. Here are the steps to get you started:

  • From your smartphone’s settings, switch on Bluetooth
  • On the steering wheel, push the ‘Information’ or ‘Mode’ button
  • On the touchscreen, head to ‘Setup’
  • Next, choose ‘phone’
  • Head to ‘Bluetooth Connection’
  • Choose ‘Add New’
  • On your smartphone settings, check Bluetooth and pick your Kia car
  • On the touchscreen, check the password showing and input it to your smartphone
  • The device may display a prompt, allowing you to select the smartphone as the primary gadget. If interested, you can choose the option.
  • The pairing should be successful, and you’re ready to use your Kia Bluetooth

How to Maximise Usage

After pairing your device, the next thing you want is to get the most out of it. To maximise your Kia Bluetooth technology usage, you need to keep in mind several things, including:

  • Ensure your phone is on, charged, and linked to a service provider. You also want to enable the gadget’s Bluetooth function.
  • For proper operation, you must pair your smartphone with the vehicle’s Bluetooth system
  • Confirm your smartphone has Bluetooth because it needs it to operate
  • In most cases, smartphones with Bluetooth can work to some extent, but some differences may occur in capabilities and functions
  • For optimal functioning of the Kia Bluetooth system, the car should be operating, or you can turn the ignition to ACC position
  • Ensure your turn up the radio volume to avoid mishearing the prompts. You can use radio controls or the steering wheel to do this
  • To start most of the system’s functions, press the TALK button, which puts it in ‘listening’ mode
  • The system’s ‘prompt tone’ updates you when to input
  • After making a voice entry or instruction, you shouldn’t take the next action before the system replies

Possible Issues You Can Experience With Kia Bluetooth

While using your Kia Bluetooth system, you may encounter some solvable problems. Here are some issues you may anticipate:

Language Setting

You can set Spanish, French, or English. To do this, press and hold the TALK button consistently until you choose the language you want.

Before your pair, your smartphone, it’s advisable to set the language you prefer because when changing language, the paired devices may get deleted.

Pairing Your Smartphone

  • Confirm the gadget is fully charged
  • Is it Bluetooth compatible? If you’re unsure, double-check with the smartphone’s manual or check the manufacturer’s website
  • Check the smartphone’s Bluetooth menu to ensure it’s on
  • Did you complete all the requirements for the pairing?
  • Is there noise interference? Too much noise from the cabin can impact the system’s voice recognition
  • Note that various smartphones may differ in operations and features. For example, your vehicle’s Bluetooth may not work the same for all smartphones. Also, not all features may be available.

Loss of Pairing

Several reasons may lead to this issue. If it occurs, consider the following steps:

  • Check all the paired smartphones to confirm whether the particular phone is among the paired devices. Then, be sure you prioritize or select it for current use.
  • Head to the ‘Setup Menu’ and choose ‘select phone.’ From the paired devices list, select the smartphone you want
  • If you don’t find the specific device on the paired list, repeat the process of pairing and follow all the steps

What to Do If It Is Not Working

While Kia Bluetooth can offer an exciting experience, sometimes it can stop working well and frustrate your efforts. Technology malfunctioning can annoy and even pose a danger to the user. However, this is a common problem every Bluetooth user can encounter.

Fortunately, if your Kia Bluetooth stops functioning, solving the problem shouldn’t be daunting. All you need is to understand a few steps you can follow and fix the issue. For example, you may need to double-check AUX and USB cables, clear clutter from your car’s dashboard, and charge your device fully.

To diagnose this problem, start by checking your device’s compatibility with the Kia Bluetooth system. If it’s compatible, check the AUX and USB cables to be sure they’re working well. You can test them with another vehicle and also double-check to ensure they don’t have tears. If your cables are problematic, your device may not work with Kia Bluetooth System.

Put Your Device near the Kia’s Audio System

If you’ve connected several devices to the Kia Bluetooth system, you may want to disconnect them first. Try connecting one gadget at a time and switch off Bluetooth for all disconnected devices because leaving them on can result in connection problems.

Turn your Kia and smartphone’s Bluetooth off and restart both your phone and the vehicle. Once they restart, switch Bluetooth on and enable the connection.

If you’ve clutter, such as pens and coins close to your Kia Bluetooth system, remove them. They could be interfering with Bluetooth signals, causing connectivity issues.

Confirm whether the smartphone you want to connect has a full charge. A device with a low charge can produce unreliable signals which can lead to connectivity problems.

How to Unpair

Disconnecting any device from the Kia Bluetooth system is pretty much straightforward. First, check the paired devices list and select the gadget you want to remove. Next, select the DELETE button, and you’re done. While removing any device, you should keep in mind critical issues, such as:

  • When unpairing a connected device, automatic disconnection occurs to allow the process to complete
  • Deleting paired devices from the Bluetooth Wireless system means contact data and call history may get deleted from the device

If you want to use the device after deleting, ensure you pair it with the Kia Bluetooth system

How to Stream Music Via the Kia Bluetooth

If you move a lot with your car, you may want to listen to the music you love. The good news is the Kia Bluetooth technology offers multiple ways for music streaming and audio to enhance your experience as you drive to your desired destination. These may include:

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

With Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, you can use a USB connection and UVO eServices to access specific features, such as audio streaming. In addition, from the display screen, you can control different components using the same interface as your smartphone.

Bluetooth Wireless Technology

Whether you’re using Android, Apple, or any other compatible smartphone, Bluetooth Wireless technology allows you to stream your favorite music. You can source it from available apps or your playlists. If you love listening to audiobooks or podcasts, you can enjoy this because the Bluetooth Wireless technology supports it.

USB/Auxiliary Input Jack

Another way you can listen to music in your Kia is by using an auxiliary or USB input jack. This way, you can access music on your phone by connecting it through an auxiliary or USB cord. You also don’t need to worry about charging your smartphone because USB ports got you sorted.

What other ways can you listen to music?

Apart from the options mentioned above for music streaming, your Kia may come with other excellent features you can use to access music, such as:

  • CD player
  • AM/FM Radio
  • SiriusXM satellite radio

What Do All the Symbols Mean and Indicate During the Setup Process?

Kia Bluetooth system comes with great features for user-friendly navigation. Here are some of the helpful features you can use during the setup process and maximise the Kia Bluetooth system:


  • You can press this button if you want to revert to your home phone screen


  • This symbol displays Music modes, Bluetooth Audio Streaming, AUX, iPod, USB, and MP3
  • The modes disable if there’s no disc or media connection


  • You use this button when you want to restart the system


  • Use this key to change the mode
  • Without disc or media connection, the modes disable
  • To switch the Audio system either on or off, push and hold the symbol for at least 0.8 seconds
  • Press this key to turn on power if it’s off


  • If you want to enjoy the vibrant sound with 3D effects, turn on the Surround key

Speed Dependent Volume Control

Turning on the Speed Dependent Volume Control ensures automatic volume level, depending on your vehicle’s speed.


Kia continues to incorporate excellent car features for the best user experience. Learning about these technologies allows you to control the systems for your personalized user needs. For example, the Kia Bluetooth Wireless technology is one of the great features you can navigate to enjoy more when driving. 

Interior view of an infotainment system showcasing Kia UVO e-Services
UVO e-Services

08 July 2021

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