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Motability vehicle adaptations from Chippenham Motor Company in Wiltshire

Your Motability Scheme lease covers a variety of the costs associated with vehicle ownership, as well as many different adaptations that may be needed for your car. These adaptations help you to feel completely comfortable at the wheel and make sure you can drive safely.

Types of adaptations

There are generally three types of adaptations: driving, stowage and access. Driving adaptations include hand controls, steering aids, pedal modifications and electronic accelerators. Car boot hoists and rooftop stowage are among the stowage adaptations, while transfer plates and swivel seats are some of the access adaptations.

It is wise to work out precisely which adaptations you need before making a final decision on a car. Some models may not be suitable for the adaptations required. You should speak to your Chippenham Motor Company Motability adviser for help with this.

When adaptations are made

You can arrange for adaptations at the start of the lease before the model is delivered. This is the easiest way, as your vehicle will arrive ready to drive away. You may decide that modifications are needed once the lease has started, and in this situation you can request for them to be made. You will need to check with RSA Motability and Motability Operations if you have the proper insurance first.

Whichever adaptations you need, Chippenham Motor Company can arrange them. Our contacts include leading installers who will make the changes with no loss of quality to your vehicle.

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