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Ford Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

All-New Ford Kuga Plug-In Hybrid

Explore the Ford electric and hybrid vehicles

The increasing demand for hybrid and electric vehicles hasn't gone unnoticed, and Ford have worked hard to make their vehicles available in these new, economic forms. 

If you're considering making the switch to a hybrid or electric vehicle, which one is right for you?  Take a look at the information below to find the perfect Ford Hybrid or Electric vehicle for you. 

A small-Electric motor that helps improve efficiency. Mild Hybrid vehicles have two sources of power that work together –a conventional engine and a battery -driven electric motor. The electric motor does not power the car. It simply assists it. 

The internal combustion engine is assisted by an electric motor. At low speed, or when stationary, the engine can switch itself off and the 48V starter-generator seamlessly restarts when needed. The separate 48V Li-ion battery is automatically recharged by regenerative braking during coasting and braking. There is no requirement to connect the battery to a power source.

Mild Hybrid powertrains can be a cost-effective way to join the electric revolution. They are also a great option for people who do a lot of shorter journeys, especially around town and at lower average speeds. 

Plug In. Charge up. Improve Efficiency. Plug-in Hybrids have the two sources of power like a Hybrid, but with a larger high voltage battery, enabling you to drive longer distances on All-Electric power. Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles (PHEV) have all the functionality of full Hybrid technology, with the added advantage that they can be charged from an external electricity supply. The larger capacity of the battery makes them capable of zero-emissions while driving for ranges of up to 35miles††, with the ability to switch to Hybrid mode to conserve battery life and to petrol or diesel-only for longer journeys.

You can keep your PHEV vehicle charged in a variety of ways, from plugging into the mains, to advanced self-charging technology.

A seamless blend of conventional and electric power. Hybrid vehicles have two sources of power. They can automatically switch between conventional mode, pure electric mode (for short distances)or use both to power the vehicle as needed.

These days, Hybrid Vehicles (HEV) are an increasingly common sight on the road. This is especially true in cities and urban areas, where their fuel efficiency in a typical city can be an advantage. 
As with Mild Hybrid (MHEV), these vehicles have an internal combustion engine, but they also have a larger battery and more powerful motor. This provides more assistance to the engine and enables the vehicle to drive parts of short journeys at low speeds using the electric motor alone. Thanks to the conventional engine, this can help improve driving range. This is because the vehicle is capable of using both battery and the internal combustion engine.

100% Electric. Just charge it up and go. All-Electric cars are powered by electricity alone. This means they have to be charged before you can drive. 

All-electric vehicles run on battery power alone. Zero fuel. Zero emissions on the road. So, they’re better for the environment and, with government purchase incentives, reduced road tax and no penalties in some low emission zones, they’re good for your wallet too.

With a Ford Wallbox, you can plug in overnight and guarantee yourself a full charge in the morning, just like your phone. Or if you are using public and destination charging, there are now more than 100,000 electric car charge points across Europe. You’ll find them at supermarkets, shopping centres, motorway service stations, and many other locations.

Electric & Hybrid Vehicle in the Ford Range

Are you ready to make the switch to a hybrid of electric vehicle? Here are the vehicles we currently have available with hybrid powertrains available. 

Ford Fiesta Mild Hybrid

The popular Ford Fiesta has now had the addition of the Mild Hybrid engine to the range. 

Ford Focus Mild Hybrid

We are pleased to welcome the Ford Focus to the hybrid revolution, now available with a Mild Hybrid engine

Ford Puma Mild Hybrid

Not only has the Ford Puma seen a dramatic revamp with stylish new looks and new features, but it now boasts a super-efficient hybrid powertrain.

Now available as a plug-in hybrid, the ford Mondeo is sleek, stylish and more economic than ever.

The return of the popular All-New Ford Kuga SUV brings with it a whole host of new technologies, so it's only right it comes with a Plug-in Hybrid and Mild Hybrid powertrain too.

The Ford Tourneo Custom delivers a practical and versatile interior space, with the exceptional comfort levels of a premium passenger vehicle. Now available with a wider range of fuel-efficient diesels or advanced hybrid options. 

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