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Finance Lease with Chippenham Motor Company in Wiltshire

The Chippenham Motor Company works closely with Citroën, DS, Ford, Kia, SEAT and Volvo to provide tailored finance contracts on all of our cars. A Finance Lease is an ideal option for many companies and with the help of our dedicated business experts you can find a contract that meets your exact needs.

A Finance Lease gives you the ability to manage your own vehicles and register them as assets on your balance sheet. Your company won’t own any of the vehicles during the contract and all you have to do is pay the cost of the vehicle plus interest over an agreed period of time.

At the end of the agreement you can pay the larger balloon payment and then keep using the vehicle for a nominal annual fee. Alternatively you can refinance the vehicles for another period or sell them to a third party, with Chippenham Motor Company taking a percentage of the sale amount.

The benefits of such a finance arrangement include an extra line of credit for the business as well as up to 100 percent VAT reclamation on commercial vehicles. Equity is also kept in the vehicles through the proceeds of any sales. With low monthly payments and a small initial deposit, a Finance Lease is easy to budget for. Just remember that you are responsible for any losses incurred from the sale and you will never own the vehicle outright.

Find out how a Finance Lease could help your business get on the road by contacting the Chippenham Motor Company today.