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When it comes to vehicle maintenance the Chippenham Motor Company can make it easy and straightforward for you with our tailored service plans. Designed to ensure that your Citroën stays in immaculate condition throughout your ownership period, our service plans give you access to high-quality aftersales care.

By adding a service plan to your regular monthly financing costs you can spread the cost of maintenance work over a long period of time. This makes it easy to budget and there will be less chance of surprise repair work and costly bills if you keep on top of the servicing.

At our manufacturer-approved service centre we have Citroën-trained technicians who can perform checks and tests that will ensure your car or van performs safely and economically for longer. If we do detect any faults you can be assured that we will check with you first before carrying out work using Citroën-approved parts, returning your car to its original condition quickly and efficiently.

For more information about the aftersales service plans on offer from the Chippenham Motor Company Citroën, contact our team today. You can enquire online by clicking on the More Information Button or simply pop into our Bumpers Farm dealership whenever you get the chance.


COST PER MONTH (Direct Debit)
Under 1.4 Litre £14.99 Under 1.4 Litre £29.98
1.4 Litre to 2.0 Litre £19.99 1.4 Litre to 2.0 Litre £39.98
Over 2.0 Litre £24.99 Over 2.0 Litre £49.98

What is Low and What is High Mileage?

Low Mileage: This is for vehicles that travel LESS than the manufacturers set yearly service schedule

High Mileage: This is for vehicles that travel more than the manufacturers set service schedule and will require 2 services a year.


What if I sell my car?

Any balance on your plan can be transferred to a new plan with us or refunded

What happens if I cancel the agreement?

Any balance is refunded to you, minus the cancellation charge

What if there is a shortfall on my plan?

If the plan is not taken out inline with the service date, there will be a shortfall, this can either be topped up via your plan or taken on the day of the service.

Are there any additional charges to pay?

We charge a £25 + VAT cancellation charge if you cancel the agreement, or you can transfer it to a new vehicle supplied by us free of charge.

Are there any exclusions?

A small selection of vehicles are excluded from our service plans. For example vehicles with a very high annual mileage such as those used by a courier or taxi. Full terms and conditions are available from our Service Managers at any of our 3 dealerships.

How Do I Buy a Plan?

Simply, click on the button below and your details, select your preferred dealership and we will do the rest, it's that simple.

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