Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) are installed on many new diesel engined vehicles. If you are not sure if your vehicle has one, check the owners manual or original documentation. The purpose of a DPF filter is to remove particles from the emissions of the vehicle and reduce the amount of soot produced, ultimately reducing the level of toxic emissions released in to the environment.

The more you use the vehicle, the more the filter will require cleaning and will enter DPF Regeneration Mode. When this happens a light will appear on the dashboard while the cleaning process takes place. During this mode, the excess material caught by the filter will be removed or burnt off. A certain amount of power needs to be used during this process by the engine, if insufficient power is available, the regeneration process will fail to complete. Typically short distance driving or driving at low speed can prevent the regeneration process from completing correctly. If the Diesel Particulate Filter is unable to correctly clean itself, it will slowly become blocked and eventually be unable to function correctly. At this point you will see another light appear on the dashboard, sometimes the original DPF light will change colour. On these occasions it will be necessary to take your vehicle to a garage. Many garages will then be able to run a regeneration process to attempt to manually clean the filter. Unfortunately, this method can sometimes fail and we have noticed in many instances, some garages will advise to replace the filter, at a cost of somewhere in the region of £2,000.

DPF Cleaning Can Save You Hundreds Of Pounds

At Chippenham Motor Company we are proud to continue with our mission to offer great service at an affordable price. If you have been advised to replace your DPF filter, then call us direct! We can clean almost any DPF filter in situ on the vehicle and provide a years warranty that if it blocks again will be recleaned FREE OF CHARGE and prevent the need to fit a replacement filter.

The process costs a fraction of the price of a replacement DPF Filter. Call our London Road dealership today, regardless of your make and model - 01249 446000 and let us tell you how much money we can save you.